Camtasia 7 Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek at a couple of the new features in Camtasia Studio version 7 from Techsmith.

New Camtasia 7 Callouts

Adding callouts to your videos is always a quick & easy way to add visual interest or emphasis to a talking point.

Camtasia 7 has some new callout styles and, even cooler, something called sketch motion callouts. These are “animated” callouts you can drop in that will “draw” themselves into the video.



Camtasia 7 Cursor Effects

In Camtasia version 7 you will be able to help your viewer follow along better by editing the mouse pointer to enlarge it, creating a spotlight, and visual “clicks”.

“But Lon…we could do that in Camtasia 6!”

Ya…but not on the fly during the editing process! Ya.

Plus…there are new and much cooler effects (a spotlight and better looking “click” highlights) and a Cursor Track added to the timeline for more control over the effects.

Stay tuned!



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