How Frank Makes a Great Passive Income Producing Video Courses

It seems as if so many people talk about the idea “taking your expertise and turning it into video courses” but so few people have a chance to hear from people who have done it- successfully. I wanted to introduce you to someone who, at the age of 63, is making a very nice income for himself selling video courses on a niche topic that he enjoys.

Frank Morris has been a member of for many years and I though it would be fun for our readers to hear how well he has been doing with his online video courses, so I asked him for an interview last month.

Frank is the President/Owner of Tri-State Consultants and His services include training (live and online), code & construction consulting and expert witness testimony for the construction and code industry.

He has over 44 years experience in the code and construction industry. In the last 15 years, he got involved with online marketing and training. At the website,, he provides online training and online study exams for anyone in the code and construction field.

We talked about

  1. How he was able to transition from traveling all over the US training Delivering live training to Home Inspectors to selling online courses from home.
  2. The tools Frank uses and why he decided to move from Camtasia/PowerPoint for Windows to Camtasia/PowerPoint for Mac.
  3. What Frank thinks is still the toughest part about putting video courses together and how he’s gotten past his quest for perfectionism.
  4. The video host Frank uses that allows him to give CE credits for his courses.

Note: The podcast player that comes with WordPress  (below) messes up if you try to jump around in the audio. If you want to be able to fast forward or rewind just click the download arrow at this link: Interview with Frank.mp3

Our interview is about 30 minutes long. So put on your sneakers, jump on the treadmill, and listen to the smooth sounds of Michelle Schoen and Frank Morris.

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Wendy Owen Reply

I’m just starting out with video courses, so this was very interesting. I come from an author background, so thought a course would be easy.

It isn’t!

However once it’s done, it’s done so I’m pressing on with it. Hopefully it will be finished one day ­čÖé

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