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Screencast Video Success Story: Julie Choo

Sometimes when I’m starting something new (I’m dabbling in abstract art painting) it really helps if I can learn from people who are a few steps ahead of me. They don’t have to have achieved huge success (like be in a well known gallery) but they need to be moving forward doing the kind of […]

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Quick Tip for Camtasia/PowerPoint Newbies

Sometimes in our quest to have cool content and the latest techniques we forget that probably 75% of our blog visitors are brand new to screencasting and may have never made their first video. So, in last week’s Screencast Video Coaching Webinar we had a very simple question from one of our members: Got any […]

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Audello Podcasting System Bonus

A quick time-sensitive Launch update. On Nov. 7th, 2014 at 11:59 Eastern, these Audello Launch Discounts & perks go away: Get $100 off both the regular and commercial license price. Get it for a single one-time payment instead of an annual fee. Get my bonus described below. New split-pay option (Start for $77) ==> Get the Audello […]

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Screencast Weekly Podcast is Live

With the rise in popularity of podcasts as a content consumption media, screencasters have a unique opportunity to reach some new and very large, hungry audiences by extracting audio content from our videos and delivering them to our followers. With this interesting strategic objective in mind…I’d like to introduce you to my new show where […]

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Podcasting For Screencasters

In this mini-seminar, Lon Naylor chats with podcasting expert Fred Castaneda about the benefits of leveraging your video content into podcasts. We also talk about a sample project we are working on and point out the tips, tricks, ideas, and strategies we’re coming up with to make this as easy as possible. This actually works […]

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