Cool Graphics for Camtasia Videos

Ya know, images and visual "elements" are a big part of what makes a Camtasia video captivating and not…well…boring! Here’s a cool little resource I found and have used in several videos to add a bit of "Huh?"

Don’t be fooled by the somewhat "cheesy" nature of some of these or the fact that it seems like the site is geared to teenagers.

It’s the creative nature of the nifty things we can make that’s interesting here:

CLICK to Watch

Duration: 6 minutes

Make your own at:

Be sure to let us know what you cook up!


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Bertie Reply

Hi, Is it possible in Camtasia 7.1.1 to add another extra Video track. The same as i can add extra Audio tracks. The reason being to overlap different videos.

Lynda Goldman Reply

This is amazing! I love the idea, and can’t wait to try it out. Awesome – thanks!

Jack Pyle Reply

I really appreciate your tips, Lon. You are providing a great service to help us improve the quality of our presentations! I’m just getting started creating videos of my leadership communication content. Your tips are invaluable. I know they will improve my content immensely. Many thanks.

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