Camtasia 7 Drag n Drop Custom Callouts

In this Camtasia 7 Screencast QuickTip, I’ll cover a very nice “hidden” feature in the new Camtasia Studio version 7.

In version 6, to add custom images to your videos, you had to add something called a Custom Callout (in a somewhat complicated procedure) before you could add them to your timeline.

In Camtasia 7…it’s sublimely simple!! Check it out:


I totally LOVE this new feature!

Seriously, this could be worth the price of upgrading alone.


Oh…and this is a very small taste of the kind of content in the new, soon-to-be-released Learn Camtasia 7 Training Course. Stay tuned!


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Lisa Reply

What a great tip, we can use that for so much than titles, as I’m sure you know :). I’m so glad you send this info out because you can never learn too many tips about camtasia, and you are the authority on tips…
.-= Lisa´s last blog ..Google Says 301 Redirects Do Not Pass Full PageRank & Link Value =-.

Christian - France Reply


J’adore, merci pour cette information

Very good, thank you for this information

.-= Christian – France´s last blog ..Quelle attitude adopter ? =-.

Paul Cutright Reply

Great tip, Lon – thanks! I have been using my trial version of Camtasia 7 and loving it. I produced a tutorial/orientation video for new members to our Relationship Savvy Circle of Support site. I find it really easy to use and this tip makes it even sweeter.

.-= Paul Cutright´s last blog ..Go See Avatar! =-.

Howard "OutSourcerer" Tiano Reply

Awesome video, Lon!

Always learn something cool in your videos!


Jeff Davis Reply

hi lon,

camtasia 7 is too sweet, thanks for all the tips!


Mike Reply

Thanks Lon. I just upgraded to Camtasia 7 and I wasn’t aware that
you could add custom call outs like this.

Thanks again,


Brian T. Edmondson Reply

Hey Lon,

The more cool features like that I see in Camtasia 7; the more it makes me want to upgrade. That itch to buy is getting itchier 🙂


    Lon Naylor Reply

    Dude! A big time Camtasia marketer like you hasn’t upgraded? Go ahead…scratch that itch baby! 😉

Tanya Watson Reply

ohhhh….. so sweeet!

Thanks a ton for sharing this with us! That’s going to speed up alot of my projects I have on my list.

Way cool 😉

.-= Tanya Watson´s last blog ..Finding My Niche as Your Video Assistant =-.

Donald Reply


What player are you using in this video, it resembles the one that comes with Jing Pro.

I like it.

Great work as always.



Donald Reply


Nevermind, I see it is the one used on



Eric Reply

Thanks for producing another great video tip. I could test this myself, I suppose, but do you know if it’s possible to use a .png image or a .gif that has transparency settings so that a callout doesn’t completely block the content that’s behind it?

    Lon Naylor Reply

    Yes Eric! Actually, I should have made that point. This really works BEST when an image WITH transparency like PNG or GIF is used…that way, it “appears” in the video like in my samples instead of having a white background like a JPG image might.


Thomas Reply

Hey Lon,

Where did you get the 2 custom callouts you used in this video ie: sticky note and paper note?


    Lon Naylor Reply

    Hi Thomas,

    I believe I got those from

    Not 100% but they have tons of similar items. Make sure you look for images that have a “transparent” background (i.e. PNG) as opposed to solid color backgrounds like JPG’s…


Woody Longacre Reply

Hi Lon

I worked with you many years ago at ITT Courier. We have a common friend Bob W. He turned me on to you site. Great work here my friend.

Astrid Reply

I was looking for some other information but stumbled upon this and am delighted as this will make my work a lot easier. Wonderful tip, thanks so much!

vid Reply

I added a callout of a gun shot the flash to be exsact, now the background is black and if i select fill, it will fill a whole square, now i vould like to know how to make the back ground the same as the video’s but not the flash onley the black stuff.


Devaan Reply

I was just in conversation with a colleague of mine regarding custom call outs and creating our own for eLearning, but this just hit the nail on the head!!! Thanks!!!

dave Reply

cut and paste would be better. But this is a great tip thank you.

    Lon Naylor Reply

    Yes I agree. Also, sadly…this drag-n-drop no longer works in Camtasia Studio 8…

    Thanks for the comment!
    – Lon

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