Camtasia Studio 8.2 Released

TechSmith Corporation has released Camtasia Studio 8.2!

The big revisions are mobile device integration and Producing to Google Drive as an additional option. Here’s an overview by Lon Naylor recorded during a weekly Screencast Coaching Webinar:

In the video, Lon also used a nifty app for your PC called Reflector that “mirrors” your iPad on your computer screen. This was done for DEMO PURPOSES ONLY so he could show the Fuse app…you do NOT need Reflector to use the new features of Camtasia Studio 8.2.

A couple of quick updated notes:

1. When you connect your mobile device and import your video or images into the clip bin, Camtasia stores them in your My Documents/Camtasia Studio/media directory. And…you cannot currently change this! Hmmm…Techsmith should probably visit this issue.

2. Uploading to Google Drive is the same as uploading to YouTube in that: None of the SmartPlayer or Camtasia Flash features (like Table Of Contents, Hotspots, Quizzes, etc.) will work.

3. There have been reports (most notably from our buddy Daniel Park) that this release kinda crashes periodically when connecting to Google…we haven’t seen this yet but save early and save often.

4. Looks like you get 15GB of Google Drive disk space for free with your account and you can get extra disk space if you want. We’ll check out the details on that…

5. Once you get the video into Google Drive, you can Share it via Gmail, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter or get an IFRAME embed code.

6. The video dimensions will be whatever your editing dimensions are…


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Dorothy Reply

What a great group of ideas, the problem 75% of the screen was out of focus, and made it difficult to follow. What chance of putting it in focus for us

    Lon Naylor Reply

    Hi Dorothy,

    Click on the little Gear Icon and change the quality setting to 720HD…it should look fine then.


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