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I love making video training products, sales & marketing videos, great tutorial videos to help all you fine folks…

But I HATE building websites to sell my video training courses!

Even with WordPress as the platform, it’s always such a chore to “duct tape” everything together. Themes, pages, membership areas, payment processing, plugins, social media capabilities and sharing, hosting on cloud servers…geeze!

I’ve been looking for a solution for quite a few years. I really liked the Kajabi platform when it came out but it is just so frickin’ expensive! I cancelled it almost immediately…

Earlier this year I found and bought what I think is finally going to be what I need to get sites up quick & easy:


Here’s an impromptu look at what it is from my weekly screencast coaching webinar:


FOR A LIMITED TIME (until July 12th, 2012), you can get the same system I have including UNLIMITED sites and some big bonuses.

Click HERE to watch the full webinar replay and demo:


This is an hour long so budget some time. If this is a fit for you and you want to get bullet-proof sites up without dealing with a ton of technology…it is well worth the investment of time to watch!

Want a time saving tip?

1. Click this link ==> Watch Webinar

2. Go to close the webinar page

3. Choose “Stay On This Page” at the Exit Popup

4. Enter your name & email

5. You will then be able to watch the good stuff WITH player controls so you can Pause, Rewind, etc.

Don’t you just hate videos with no controls?? I do…

Anyway…I wanted to give you a heads up on this because of the limited time offer. I’m currently building some sites with it to market some of the TONS of products I own resell rights to but was too lazy to get them up and going.

I think it’s worth noting that what I’m getting is really the things I don’t need to now worry about:

7-7-2012 6-45-38 AM

Pretty good list…

I’m recommending that even if you think you can use this, grab it.

If you don’t like it…get a full refund!

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.


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