How To Use Motion Graphics Animations

Motion Graphics are short little animated video clips (or sometimes animated GIF files) that you can use in your Camtasia video projects to add some really professional “embellishments”. I’ve been using these for years and have amassed literally thousands of these handy gems in my Media Library directory…but when Techsmith came out with Camtasia 9, I […]

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PowerPoint to Create a Video. Seriously?

So, you want to create your first video. You don’t own Camtasia but that’s OK… because your video isn’t showing yourself using a software application (a software demo) and it doesn’t need any hyperlinks (hotspots) or quizzes. It won’t need a lot of editing because it isn’t a big training course, right? You don’t need […]

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Camtasia Mastery 9 Announcement

I’m happy to announce a new training course for Camtasia 9! It’s called Camtasia Mastery and I’ve partnered with one of my top former Camtasia students, Ron Hogue, to bring you the latest Camtasia training and resources available. We’re launching April 27th at 9:00 AM Eastern. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get on the Early Bird list […]

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The Camtasia 9 Survival Guide

So…Camtasia 9 is an excellent upgrade from Techsmith! But…if you are a Camtasia 8 users? There are some things you simply MUST KNOW to keep from going insane! 😉 That why I’m putting together this special no-wallet-required tutorial series I cleverly call: ==> “The Camtasia 9 Survival Guide” Here’s Episode #1 to give you an […]

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Levidio 5 PowerPoint Video Templates Review

PowerPoint! I love it! And not just because I’ve been using it since before it shipped to the public (as a Microsoft engineer in the early 90’s) but because it is an excellent tool for creating visual video content. And what I REALLY love is that there are now lots of templates being created that […]

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