Growing Your Screencasting Business: There’s No Shame in Asking For Help

I’d always been very independent and HATED to ask for help. Not with school, Not with childcare, and certainly not with my business. I was a master of all trades and could do it all and so should you, Right?

As solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketers, there comes a time when you realize you can’t do it all. You realize you love certain aspects of business, like other aspects, and downright avoid other aspects. Not good. need help

So what’s a budding empire builder to do? As your empire grows, the tasks you avoid or just aren’t good at – go from being small nuisances to being huge issues that will take you down.

If you you have a video project that has stalled, chances are you are avoiding a specific task or tasks. Step back, evaluate, and ask yourself this one question: What do I need to get this project DONE? Here are a few ways you can off-load the tasks you avoid, get some accountability, and keep your empire growing.

Hire a helper – you can find accountants, bookkeepers, editors, marketers, designers, writers, webmasters, programmers, etc. There are so many Virtual Workers out there today who would love to help you create your graphics, write your storyboard, or edit your video. Sure, you could do it yourself, but if you don’t have the time or you have multiple projects , get some help today to move that project to the DONE column. Lon and I have had our assistant, Leslie, for about 4 years now.  She puts our videos up, creates our registration pages, does research, runs reports, sets up our mailing lists and lots of tasks that help Lon and I concentrate on video creation.

Get a partner – The old saying “Two heads are better than one” is certainly true in business. My business certainly took off when I joined forces with Lon Naylor. Our personalities really complement each other and our working styles help get projects done well and on time. Finding a great partner can help take your biz and/or project to the next level. You may simply want a Joint Venture partner short-term for help on a specific project. Done trumps everything – so if it’s a choice between sharing some of the profits vs no profit at all, it’s kind of a no brainer. Lon and I have been business partners since 2008 and it’s awesome to have someone to brainstorm ideas with and divvy up the work.

Join an accountability group –Both Lon and I used to be members of Mastermind groups. Now we lead our own weekly coaching and accountability group here called Screencast Video Coaching. In the weekly webinars we answer questions, critique videos and help students share what progress they’ve. Most of our students say that time with us has been instrumental in the growth of their businesses. Many have written us to express how crucial the accountability,  help and advice that they get on a consistent basis has been to their growth.

So if you feel that you’re in this all alone, stop doing that, get some help and watch your business flourish.

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Jason Brown Reply

I feel like my business is moving into that mode. Where it is time to hire out some of the backend work so I can focus on content. How did you guys find Leslie and how does one interview or search for a virtual assistant. How do you determine what to pay them? I’d be interesting in hearing your thoughts (publicly or privately). Nice blog post.

-J. Brown-

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