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Camtasia 7 Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek at a couple of the new features in Camtasia Studio version 7 from Techsmith. New Camtasia 7 Callouts Adding callouts to your videos is always a quick & easy way to add visual interest or emphasis to a talking point. Camtasia 7 has some new callout styles and, even cooler, […]

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Camtasia 7 is Coming

The rumors are true! The next version of Camtasia Studio from Techsmith is on it’s way and will be available March 30th. This new version is considered a major upgrade and we’re excited to see everything it has to offer! Check out a couple of teaser videos from Techsmith on the new release of their […]

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Google Search Story Tutorial

After the 2010 Google Super Bowl ad I was inspired to try my hand at making one of these very cool screencast videos. In case you missed the blog post about it, here is the Google ad that aired and my first attempt to do one: Google Search Video Post Check it out and leave […]

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A Google Search Story Video

Like a lot of folks, I was intrigued by the rare ad run by Google during the Super Bowl. Some people loved it, some hated it, some indifferent. Certainly, if loud action shots, side splitting humor, or just good ole’ fashioned big boobs are what float your boat as far as commercials go then this […]

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Some More Food for Video Thought

Whew! Quite of bit of information yesterday on the whole Planning process, eh? While you make your way through this very important stage in the process, here is some easy content that may help you “get your head around” why we place so much emphasis on all this stuff before we even show you how […]

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