It’s good for your customers!

  • We’ve been going strong since 2009.
  • We provide ONLY quality content.
  • We offer content on a variety of video techniques.
  • Your referrals can use our content immediately in their businesses.
  • We stay on top of trends.
  • We take good care of the people who you refer.

It’s good for you!

  • We pay 50% commission on all sales that you refer.
  • Our customers love us and buy over and over again.
  • We pay on time. Every time. (Unless there is a fraud flag, in which case we’d have to postpone until the payments clear.)
  • Bonuses. Oftentimes, our affiliates will get surprises from us, like cash bonuses, Amazon gift cards and more – just so we can say “Thank you!”
  • Sales Bonuses. We run occasional contests where top affiliates are rewarded with prizes from tech toys and gadgets to – more cash.

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Please note: Self-discounts will be reversed. This is an affiliate program for referring others. In order to ensure that our affiliates are all treated fairly and receive credits for their referrals, anyone using the affiliate program to discount their own purchases will find their commission reversed and credit will be given to the actual referrer.